Privacy policy


Data Collection


Website:  This website collects no personally identifiable data.

Games (Blackjack, Double Draw Solo-Poker, Mah Jongg, Video Poker) :

No game collects any personally identifiable data.

Anonymous data pertaining to usage, Roku model and OS version, TV type, ad-free subscription (if any), and ads viewed is collected.


All data collected is solely for use by the developer for improvements, bug tracking, and validation of 3rd party reports.




Games are ad supported and advertisements (“ads”) may be displayed.  Advertising services provided by Vidillion.


In addition, some ads may be provided by Roku and those ads are purely the responsibility of Roku.


Limit ad tracking


Ad tracking attempts to show ads tailored to your interests.  If you do not wish this behavior you can limit ad tracking on your Roku device - from the main screen go to Settings->Privacy->Advertising and check the Limit ad tracking box.


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